STP Compliance Suite

STP ComplianceEHS provides an up-to-date online library of regulatory documents spanning environmental, health, safety and transportation regulations, as well as relevant statutes. The scope of regulatory coverage includes United States Federal and all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Topics cover a wide range, including Air, Water, Waste, Occupational Health and Safety, Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Chemical Management, Oil and Gas Operations, and more.

To manage the constant changes to regulations published in different formats and update cycles, we are creating a simple to use interface that offers a repository of this mandatory information, as well as tools to quickly identify relevant information.

The STP Compliance reference libraries comes with the ability to search the federal and state full text content using simple or advanced keyword and phrase searching, as well as the ability to filter searches by jurisdiction, topic and effective date.

STP ComplianceEHS will include specialized monitoring tools to ensure users stay abreast of regulatory changes. Users will be able to build citation or topical lists to receive email notifications of Federal and State register activities impacting the regulatory universe. Users will also be able to generate, share and save customizable reports of regulatory change activity.

Our initial release will be enhanced during the coming months as we complete our full viewing, searching and monitoring capabilities.

Our simple to use interface will enable your workforce to quickly identify, track and manage regulations and changes that impact your business.

With STP ComplianceEHS you can stay ahead of the curve

Scope of Coverage


Entire US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

State-level EHS regulations and statutes


Additional content

US Code (Statutes & Preambles)

US Federal Register (FR)

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