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The  STP ComplianceEHS is one of North America’s premier publishers of comprehensive technical online resource guides in the areas of environmental, health and safety, transportation, business practices, standards and laws.

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The STP ComplianceEHS products are designed specifically for compliance and audit managers, professionals, and business leaders who want practical interpretation and application of rules and regulations in the North American and international arenas.


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Biden directs agencies to review all Trump administrative actions

President Biden is moving quickly to review and revise many of former President Trump’s administrative actions. As I discussed  HERE, the fastest mechanisms for these reversals are executive orders (EOs) and slightly less formal executive memoranda from the President or his agency heads. One of the EOs signed on president Biden’s first day of office starts immediate action to review all Trump administrative actions  

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How, and how fast, can Democrats make environmental policy changes they’ve promised?

President Biden and the Democratic majorities in Congress have announced sweeping plans to reverse most of the Trump Administration’s environmental policies. The timing and practicality of these reversals depends very much on each of the targeted policy’s legal status – laws, regulations, Executive Orders, or guidance documents  

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OSHA updates COVID-19 guidance

For nearly a year now, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other agencies have been issuing guidance to employers regarding COIVD-19, including identification, protection, and back-to-work procedures. One of incoming President Biden’s first Executive Orders (EO 13999 of January 21, 2021) directs OSHA to issue updated worker protection guidance to employers within two weeks …  

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